Securing your business network is a priority for all businesses today. Threats come from both internal and external forces and are changing at an increasing rate. At the same time organisations need their networks to be open to allow clients and staff to access their vital business information. Finding the balance between easy, reliable and strong restrictive control is the major challenge for business managers.

By utilising various technologies, experience and proven methodologies, CSA can ease the burden and pressure allowing you to find that balance in a cost effective way. Network Security doesn't need to be an insurmountable task. By having your own network and communications protected and monitored you can get back to doing your business. CSA can take you through the steps to design, implement and support  your communications, network and back office techniques.


Security Solutions


Self Defending Networks for large, medium and small business - Secure business processes by identifying, preventing, and adapting to threats. Protect your customers and expand your network across a secured platform. Help ensure the safety and security of your staff and business assets. A broad portfolio of security services that address all aspects of deploying, operating, and optimising your network.