Data Backup

Storage, storage everywhere, but how do you protect your data in a manageable way? The past issue has been to backup to tape or optical, but the real challenge is how to recover the data in a fast effective and manageable way. With so many choices, which software, which platform, which media? How do you determine which is the right choice? With the typical business growing their data by 60% every year, how do you get it right without blowing your budget?

Using a combination of technologies and platforms from HP, EMC, Symantec and others, CSA can design and implement the right sized solution to suit your business today and into the future.

Disaster Recovery

Organisations are very dependent on their IT infrastructure to support their business processes and deliver competitive advantage. If a disaster affects their ability to operate IT, business grinds to a halt, and they lose market share and they may even go out of business. Whatever the threat the result is the same – failure to operate the IT infrastructure to support the critical business processes.

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Recovery and Backup