As companies depend more and more on computer applications for day-to-day business operations, the cost of downtime has increased. The need for reliable IT systems are now more important than ever, what would your business do if it lost its IT or communications systems? CSA Managed Services has been providing system maintenance for over 20 years. Our practices and experience give us the leading edge in the fight for system reliability and stability.


The CSA Support Desk provides a central point of contact for customers and, operationally, a single point of contact for managing service requests to resolution. When required, the CSA Support Desk will provide the customer with a service call reference number and will inform the customer when to expect a call from the Support Team. This time is noted on the call and then the call is assigned to the Support Team for investigation.


CSA uses a helpdesk application called Support Call Manager. Support Call Manager has automatic escalation and notification of potential breaches of service level agreements plus a full audit history of the life of a support call.



 SUPPORT HOTLINE 1300 134 064