Organisations are very dependent on their IT infrastructure to support their business processes. If a disaster affects their ability to operate the IT infrastructure, business processes stop, and they lose market share or even go out of business. A disaster may be anything that results in an inability to access the IT infrastructure, e.g. fire, flood, gas leaks, storms or other damage. It may even be a serious corruption of data. CSA's  business continuity and disaster recovery services fall into three areas:



Plan – Develop a recovery plan protecting key business processes, downtime cost analysis and IT infrastructure to application mapping. Additionally the rescue and recovery steps to take after a disaster.

Protect – Design and implementation of disaster and threat tolerant network, communications and storage environments across geographically separated data centres.

Recovery – Access to a fully equipped 20 workstation Recovery Centre within an agreed period of time. The Recovery centre includes full phone and internet services, DR equipment and other data centre facilities.

Benefits in CSA's Disaster Recovery Services:

  • Minimise financial losses and protect IT investments
  • Continuity of business even after the most severe disaster
  • Compliance with industry regulations and risk management requirements 
  • No capital outlay