These are purpose built applications that have evolved into a product offering for specific market niches.


Target Market: Rangers in Local Government
Purpose: Access the RTA Drives database system with assurance, peace of mind, and ease of recording. WHO, WHEN & WHY. a-Drive provides an automatic audit trail of who accessed the RTA Drives system, when the system was accessed, and provides the user with a simple means of recording why they accessed the system. Want to know more… About a-Drive (PDF)

Photo Importer

Target Market: Councils
Purpose: Regain control of your image libraries. Upload images with ease into a SharePoint document library or photo gallery with integration into TRIM. Want to know more… About Photo Importer (PDF)

Cash Manager

Target Market: The Club industry
Purpose: Cash Manager is a software application developed in consultation with key players in the Gaming & Hospitality industries, and has been addressing the needs of cash management in recreational Clubs across NSW and QLD for more than 10 years. It empowers a Club to establish absolute control and standardisation over its cash handling practices while significantly improving efficiency. A Club typically deals with a very large amount of cash and other forms of money on a daily basis and Cash Manager provides the strict reconciliation and monitoring tools necessary to minimise the risk of theft, fraud or accidental loss. Want to know more… About Cash Manager

Bottle-IT - A revolution in the capture of domain knowledge

"BOTTLE IT" assists an organisation to reduce the risk of valuable domain
knowledge leaving the business due to an ageing workforce, retirement, low
tenure or high staff turnover. An inexpensive secure solution that provides an intuitive
interface for users to capture this knowledge and an easy way for
the information to be found.