Many of today’s medium and large businesses spend considerable financial and developer resources to maintain existing, custom-developed and departmental level software systems—often to the detriment of strategic, new development, developer morale, and the efficiency of the existing systems.

At CSA, we believe that, in many cases, outsourcing the maintenance of existing, custom applications may be the answer to these challenges. Speak to CSA regarding how we can help you with the support of these applications.

Organisations can spend millions to develop elegant, custom software solutions only to see them flounder in production from lack of documentation or lack of qualified personnel, or both. The same disciplined effort used to create an application must also be used to maintain it. Without disciplined change control the reliability and performance of any application are diminished.

Software engineers each have a unique approach to documenting their work. Many become less productive when maintaining code developed by others, particularly undocumented code. Thus, many organisations face the problem of assigning maintenance work to developers who are more motivated to work on new projects than on existing applications, and a growing number of IT groups have problems attracting and holding qualified staff to perform maintenance tasks. The results can be that maintenance of existing systems, developer morale, and new development projects (usually with greater strategic importance to the company) all suffer.

CSA is a vendor with application maintenance as part of their core business. We use proven, repeatable processes for Discovery, Planning, Certification, and ongoing Maintenance that result in stable operating platforms, strict release control, dependable environments for rapid, disciplined growth, continued development, and integration of production patch control in parallel with ongoing development. In addition, we provide technical support, break/fix support, and infrastructure support, including Managed Hosting in our data centre or at a customer’s premises.