Analysts state that collaboration is an important piece of a bigger content management picture that knowledge management and portal vendors are looking at as they try to address the changing needs of businesses searching for a more cohesive way to get the most out of their growing amounts of digital data.

Also, leading organisations are realising that the key to future growth of the company is making sure that knowledge workers have access to the right information in a timely and cost effective manner. Often this is necessary to comply with Government legislation, for corporate compliance, to maintain quality standards, satisfy OH&S requirements, or simply to improve operating efficiencies.

Embarking on a Content Management & Collaboration project can be a daunting task. CSA can assist. We have extensive experience in defining, designing, developing, configuring and implementing these solutions. Our experience and knowledge will enable you to choose the appropriate solution to meet your needs and enable your business to do business better.

CSA provides a range of collaboration technologies based on core Microsoft products such as:

  • Exchange Server for Email collaboration
  • SharePoint for Web collaboration
  • Office Communications Server for instant messaging

CSA's skill sets cover the full ‘technology stack’ – from the hardware layer to the operating system to the application layer. The key to our success with collaboration solutions is in combining specialist expert areas across this stack augmented by consulting, development, training and change management capability.