P3 is the project methodology which allows CSA to be Australia's leading integrator of Risk-Tolerant Information and Communication Solutions. Unlike conventional "silo" approaches to solving IT problems CSA, through P3, takes a holistic approach better balancing the variables of People, Product and Process to deliver increased project success, greater resilience, greater certainty of outcome, lower risk and greater peace of mind.


CSA is the only integrator in Australia to use the P3 Methodology which focusing on increased resilience and lower risk for your projects. Here is a summary of the major P3 components:


1. EFFECTIVE PEOPLE (Certified, Competent, Accountable)

  • Certified means that our people have completed relevant vendor and industry certification programs.
  • Competent means our staff have expertise and have completed competency development programs in our Labs.
  • Accountable means that ownership of each task is clearly assigned within our processes.


2. RISK-TOLERANT PROCESS (Strategic Engagement, Maturity Profile, Analyse-Design-Build-Implement-Support)

  • Strategic Engagement means we develop an understanding of the business impact of our solutions.
  • Maturity Profile means that we understand our customer's IT priorities.
  • Analyse-Design-Build-Implement-Support means we provide conception to grave services.


3. RESILIENT PRODUCT (Fault Tolerant, Reliable, Supported)

  • Fault Tolerant means we design to deliver high availability tuned to the business requirement.
  • Reliable means we choose equipment from reputable vendors who deliver high availability equipment.
  • Supported means the integrated solution is supported as a whole.