Technology should be a key that unlocks organisational agility, operational efficiency and enables new initiatives. However, today’s complex technical landscape and competing demands of many different stakeholders makes this a major challenge.
CSA’s unique service provides an integrated process that uses a step-by-step, workshop based approach to leverage the power of industry standards such as TOGAF the Zachman Enterprise Framework. The result is knowledge transfer and the creation of clear, step by step strategies for improvement.
Enterprise Modelling
To ensure IT systems will meet business needs now and in the future, our business consultants may construct an Enterprise Model to analyse the existing organisational environment, objectives, external forces and future directions to define the business landscape which IT needs to support today, and the agility and capability required for tomorrow.
Enterprise Architecture
Define the integrated applications and information structures required to support business needs and objectives, allowing the creation of a cohesive systems and technology blueprint. We follow TOGAF and Zachman® enterprise architecture frameworks to define:
·         Information Architecture, enabling strategic decision making and efficient management. Our information management consultants review data flows, document and content management systems, data warehousing, business intelligence, information distribution and portal options. We create strategies that reduce duplication and data management costs whilst ensuring information is easily accessible and available where it is needed.
·         Application Architecture - do you need “out of the box” integrated solutions, or “best of breed” supported by messaging and data interchange facilities? Are you ready for a Service Oriented Architecture and if so how should it be provided? We move past the buzz words to create a practical solution based on a strong business case and pragmatic realities of your budget and technology constraints.
·         Infrastructure Architecture – Unsure of options for moving to the cloud, server consolidation, data centre consolidation, green computing or provision of high speed and mobile networks? Our infrastructure specialists work closely with your technical teams to create a flexible and resilient infrastructure strategy to efficiently provide the capacity and availability required by today’s demanding business applications.
Strategic Planning
Once the architecture is defined, we help create a cohesive, prioritised roadmap containing recommendations on the way forward from where you are today including recommendations on priorities and implementation strategies.
 IT Audit and Review
We assess your existing information technology infrastructure, governance and service delivery against industry benchmarks and best practices. The results may identify specific improvement areas or provide assurance to meet governance or accountability requirements.