When the time comes to carry out a strategic initiative, our professional services team provides the experience, methodologies and dedication required to implement the solution efficiently and ensure business objectives are met and benefits realised.
We translate strategic goals into detailed plans and not only manage implementations but also apply organisational change management and process improvement initiatives to take maximum advantage of the benefits your new systems have to offer.
Programme Management
Programme management focuses on achieving specific business outcomes via a related set of projects. A programme needs to retain the flexibility to adapt to changing conditions and prioritise project work as detail emerges through the life of the programme. Our programme management practitioners use the “Managing Successful Programmes” (MSP) method to define and execute an entire programme, or provide a point of integration between an individual project and your existing programmes.
Organisational Change Management
Our change consultants provide both strategic and tactical change management functions. Strategic change analyses the root cause of problems, the ability of the organisation to undertake transformational changes and the cultural challenges that need to be overcome when implementing a new strategy.
Tactical change services include consultation, impact analysis, promotion, communication, achieving buy-in and providing the supporting structures such as training, resources, documentation, facilities and processes that are required to take maximum advantage of new functions and services.
Project Management
We apply the highest standards to ensure that technology projects are delivered efficiently and on time. Our project managers are both PMBOK and PRINCE2 certified practitioners and work closely with internal staff and project teams to assist with controlling and managing the impact of IT projects and avoid the headaches of cost blowouts, stressed staff members or end users frustrated by late delivery.
Business Case Definition
A business case provides the underlying justification for every project, and provides the benchmark against which implementation decisions are measured. Our analysts perform a thorough investigation into the costs, risks and expected benefits of new initiatives, and provide business metrics that can be understood by managers and financial controllers rather than shrouding projects in technical talk.
Requirements Analysis
People who execute business processes often need help to see or understand the root causes of fundamental problems, and struggle to articulate the specific requirementsof solutions to address the issues. CSA’s business analysts follows a rigorous technique based the Zachman framework to identify requirements in terms of strategy, business functions, systems, data and technology as a key building block to the process of creating and implementing technology solutions.
Package Evaluation
A structured, rigorous and unbiased approach is essential when selecting a major piece of business software, whether it be a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, service delivery software or other high value business application. Our documented, template based methodology facilitates quality decision making as well as a documented audit trail of the reasons for the final decision.
Tender Management
Constructing a tender document, managing the enquiries and responses, and completing the evaluation and due diligence processes is a time consuming task that often requires specialist technical input. Our IT tender management process ensures that requirements are addressed and the evaluation process produces and informed decision and the creation of an effective and well controlled project.
Package Implementation
A key success factor in implementing packaged software may be to engage an implementation partner to manage suppliers, minimize disruption to your business and manage the multiple streams of work involved in a complex software rollout. Our experience and expertise will save you from the pitfalls and common oversights that cause stress and cost blowouts in large implementation projects.
Process Improvement
Potential benefits of new technology initiatives are often left on the table and never realised, due to factors including lack of awareness, transfer of inefficiencies into electronic systems, resistance to change or preference for old, known workarounds.
CSA’s Business Process Improvement uses an incremental approach to document, analyse and review individual processes, to identify specific opportunities for improvement. The options, benefits costs and risks of various possible solutions can then be assessed, prioritised and implemented.