IT service delivery teams are constantly striving to “do more with less”, whilst business leaders require assurance that their critical business asset is being managed effectively to deliver critical business services.
CSA brings a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to provide leadership and step-by-step strategies to raise the maturity of IT service management and delivery processes.
IT Governance
Our IT Governance consulting service reviews IT processes, policies, management, team structure, controls and performance measurement. We apply both the CobiT and ITIL standards as required to define efficient best practice and ensure proper controls and oversight are in place, covering the primary functions of:
·         Service desk, incident, problem and change management
·         Capacity planning, service continuity, availability management and security
·         Acquisition and maintenance of infrastructure and systems
·         Executive leadership, sponsorship, compliance and performance management
·         Service levels, communications and alignment with business needs
IT Service Process Optimisation
IT Service processes often evolve over time and may exist in technology specific silos that cause duplication of effort, poor communication, blurred lines of responsibility and long resolution times. Our approach is to use proven business process optimisation, requirements analysis and change management techniques to optimise or reshape IT service functions.
We implement and configure automation tools where possible. Our goal is to create process efficiencies and increase service levels, rather than creating paperwork burdens or cumbersome procedures.
IT Service Continuity Management
Creating a service continuity management plan is a specialist task that requires understanding of the systems, services and applications in an organisation and the business functions they support, the impact of system loss and the infrastructure upon which the business systems rely.
Our role is to integrate the IT service continuity management strategy into the over-arching business continuity plans, as well as facilitating a clear IT risk management strategy. Our process captures business requirements for restoring services and acceptable data loss, then balances risk mitigation and protection measures with risks that need to be accepted and managed via recovery plans. 
Disaster Recovery Planning
CSA has real world, hands on experience assisting organisations recover from everything from minor server room damage all the way up to total loss of all IT and business facilities. Our planning process reflects all the lessons learned and provides detailed instructions to staff coping with emergency situations, and creates processes to ensure plans and documentation are protected and available when needed.